Our Service Plans:
Access Cable Television Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the best variety of services, for the best price. We are sure to have a plan that will suit your needs. We have the channels you want and Fiber-backed Broadband that allows you to surf the web at over 4 times faster than DSL. We are now offering Digital Telephone Services that make voice communication fun, effective, and affordable.

We are growing with technology, and implementing new digital forms of entertainment and communication to keep our customers up-to-date and happy. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver the digital age directly into their homes, and with the reliability they have come to expect from us.

Enjoy Digital Voice communication in your home, and take advantage of the feature-rich applications and functions that are available! Bundle your Cable TV, High Speed Internet Service, and your Digital Telephone Service at a discounted price, and eliminate the hassle of paying three different bills!

For complete information on rates please call us at 1-877-821-2288 or contact your local office (See “Our Locations” in the Main Menu).

Browse below and see what we have to offer!

 Digital Telephone Services:

Our Digital Telephone Services are sure to provide you with all the features that you have always wanted for your voice communication needs.  Digital Telephone with Access Cable is available for your home and business, and comes with the following features FREE of charge:

  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Caller Block
  • Call-Forwarding
  • Anonymous Call Rejection


Cable Television Services:
Great Variety. Great Value. Great Service.There is something on Access Cable for everyone! All the major networks, all of your local channels, plus digital and high-definition channels are available!

  • All of your local channels at no additional cost.
  • Free service on all additional televisions in your home.
  • Multiple packages are available.  Please contact us for details!


Fiber-backed Broadband Internet Services:Do more in Less Time for Less Money!  Access Cable’s High Speed Internet service provides you with constant connectivity, at speeds up to 4 times faster than DSL. Download files in seconds instead of minutes, and upload your photos to share with your family in a snap! Here is a list of our current residential and commercial packages:

  • Speeds up to 15 Mbps down/ 2 Mbps up
  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps down/ 3 Mbps up
  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps up

Faster speeds (including Gigabit Broadband) are available upon request.  Please call the Somerset office at 606-677-2444.

Bundled Package Plans:One company, One bill.  Take advantage of this today! Take the hassle out of paying multiple bills and enjoy great, feature-filled communications services at the same time! 

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